Home Automation Systems Garden Route

Residential Solutions

Life at home need not be complicated anymore with hundreds of remotes, keypads, light switches and buttons. An automated home brings all the electronics together, simplifying the interaction with your home with an easy-to-use interface available with an app on your phone! We’ll make living at home, a pleasure!

  • Integrators of home management systems
    Bring your home systems together with one easy user interface on your everyday device, Apple or Android.
  • Lighting and shades
    Mood and scene settings, moderate temperature, save costs and enjoy the ease of a customised lighting system.
  • Security
    Ensure your premises if safe, receive remote notifications of any faults, monitor entry and access points and remotely control your motorized gates, open or close your doors.
  • Irrigation
    We’ll connect to and control the irrigation system, allowing you to conserve water by setting up personalized schedules for garden beds and lawns. Irrigation schedules set not only by time and season but also current weather conditions.
  • Climate
    Moderate temperature and save costs by regulating UFH, raising and lowering shades and controlling HVAC systems.
  • IP and Wi-Fi networking
    Distributed throughout your home for internet access on all devices; wired or wireless.
  • IP cameras
    Monitor your home remotely, view vulnerable areas and record all the action!
  • Intercoms
    Gate and internal intercoms throughout your home.
  • Satellite TV systems
    High signal strength for a reliable picture.
  • Entertainment, home theatre
    Music throughout your home, customized theatre rooms and acoustic treatment.
  • High definition, high resolution music and TV in your theatre and to all TV and music areas.
  • High-end audio and video
    State-of-the-art components for ultimate clarity of picture and sound.
  • Service packages
    We’ll ensure that all devices are clean, have updated firmware and are working correctly for reliability and longevity.