Pure Platinum Services

Our Services

We offer an array services, from consulting in design phase to regular maintenance, we’ll ensure that your systems are according to design and operate within specification.

  • Introductions, assessment of requirements and design suggestions.
    Site surveys with relevant contractors, engineers and designers. Network configuration reviews. We’ll assess the requirements and if the design is capable.
  • Technical design
    For all the intricacies of automated, integrated systems
  • Specialist AV / Audio / Acoustic consultations
    From small residential to large commercial and public areas
  • Specialist ELV consultant and engineering services
    For all low voltage applications
  • Project management
    For all projects, anywhere, ensure the design is correct from the ground up
  • Site preparation
    We’ll ensure the site is ready for initial, intermediary and final installations
  • Custom cabling solutions
    Part of the design and management, we’ll ensure all cables are organised, traceable, identifiable and ready for connection
  • Configuration /setup
    We’ll supply, setup and configure the equipment and devices
  • Installation services
    Installation and hand-over of systems with documentation
  • Maintenance
    We’ll ensure all components are operating within their design specification