Automation: Whole Home Electronics Package – BRONZE

Manufacturer: Control4 Paradox Monitor Audio ProVision Clearline Ubiquiti PakedgeModel: BronzeProduct Code: BRONZERetail Price: R 890000


Entry-level but still high quality products and solutions.  The best value of chosen products and technologies all brought together for a complete home automation system. Life at home need not be complicated anymore with hundreds of remotes, keypads, light switches and buttons. An automated home brings all the electronics together, simplifying the interaction with your home with an easy-to-use interface available with an app on your phone! We’ll make living at home, a pleasure!

  • Brief Descriptions below, but contact us for a meeting to discuss your requirements:


  • PROTECTION.   CLEARLINE  Protection for AV systems that provides protection against surges and dips in the electrical supply.  10 Second delay on power throughput to avoid high voltage in-rush currents.
  • IP NETWORK & Wi-Fi.   A combination of providers to supply a good value and reliable Wi-Fi network.
  • ACCESS.   The CONTROL4 system allows for integration of a standard door-bell button. Press the bell and the speakers throughout the house will chime.  Hard-of-hearing? We can have some lights flash on and off for 30 seconds!
  • MUSIC AND THEATRE WITH A ONE-REMOTE SYSTEM AND APP CONTROL.   A TV and audio controlled with the Control4 Neeo remote. Invisible, Hi-Fi quality speakers in key areas in your home. Powered by a matrix amplifier, allowing you to listen to different music throughout the house and at different volume levels, all accessed by the Control4 app.
  • SECURITY.   Alarm security system fully integrated into Control4. Control from the in-wall touch-screens and the APP on your phone. Camera system with standard IP cameras setup for best view and angle. These cameras are integrated with Control4.
  • LIGHTING.   Automate the main living areas and perimeter light circuits. Custom scenes, engraved back-lit buttons and create and modify your own scenes.
  • SHADES INTEGRATION.   We can connect to and have control over the SOMFY range of shades and curtain motors.
  • INTEGRATION.   Of low voltage electronics in your home:  Under-floor heating, HVAC air-conditioning system, irrigation system, pool and jacuzzi, heat-pumps.