Pure Platinum Commercial Technology Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Efficiency is critical when running a business, be it a retail store or the service based industry and system down-time does not bode well for great turn-over. We will ensure that your systems are designed correctly from the start, to run efficiently, extend longevity and improve your productivity.

  • Integrators of management systems
    Keep track, monitor and manage aspects of your business or hotel. Keep a watchful eye on security and energy consumption and ensure that your enterprise is running efficiently!
  • Structured DATA and Voice networks
    A correctly cabled, labelled and tested fibre and copper network will ensure that all packets of DATA arrive safely to their destination. Less downtime, more efficiency!
  • Lighting
    Automate the lights circuits; create custom scenes for all scenarios and let the lights run themselves.
  • Security
    CCTV systems utilizing IP cameras which will enable live monitoring of susceptible areas, entry or exit gates, entire buildings or complexes. Ensure the staff and systems are working effectively and keep record of any incidences.
  • Access control
    Audio/video, card access, finger-print access. There are varying options available to monitor and keep track of all who enter and exit the premises.
  • Climate regulating
    The first step in being efficient and saving costs is by ensuring temperature is at a constant, comfortable level. Utilize the natural heating and cooling available by automating the shades and windows and then by setting the HVAC system to the optimal level.
  • IP Wi-Fi networking
    Being connected is important, be it via Wi-Fi or a cable. We’ll setup Wi-Fi hotspots for customers and clients as well as more permanent business IT infrastructures.
  • IP cameras and video surveillance CCTV
    State-of-the-art video surveillance, auto notifications and remote viewing will keep you up-to-date on the running’s where-ever you are in the world.
  • Intercoms
    A Reliable communication systems option for small businesses to large apartment complexes and hotels, combine with video for optimal communication.
  • Public address and music systems
    Background music for Indoor and outdoor applications, zoned sections for varying volume levels and use the same system for public address.
  • Satellite TV distribution systems
    Quality products will ensure high signal strength at TV points for all applications: office blocks, apartment complexes and hotels.
  • Boardroom automation
    One press of a button will perform multiple actions, allowing for smooth presentations, no need to fumble with multiple remote controls.
  • Energy efficiency management
    Regulate power consumption by monitoring usage of lighting systems, HVAC and heating systems and eliminating unused areas, these systems will run in the background.
  • Maintenance contracts
    We’ll ensure all components are operating within their design specification are clean and have the latest firmware for reliability and longevity.