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Entertainment is not only clear music reproduction and a high resolution HD quality picture, it is the entire experience! Experience the live concert, stir the emotions and become enthralled in the movie! Make every second pure entertainment.

From dedicated movie theatres utilizing acoustic treatment, sound-proofing, home cinema seating, effective lighting and climate control to audiophile stereo systems. Select and play background music throughout your home and control it by pressing a button to access your entire collection - from anywhere in your home!

Catalogue your discs and display them with brilliant cover art right on your TV, touchscreen, iPhone or tablet making it easier than ever to find your favourites.

Media Album Art screenMedia Album Art

See all your music and select your favourite album or playlist. No need to sift through drawers of CDs and DVDs, have your entire library at your fingertips and use your very own phone or tablet to navigate through your library.
Media Overview screenMedia Overview

See who's listening to music or watching a movie, this screen will give you a complete over-view. Whole-house media control from where ever you are.

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