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Get comfortable & save Itís easy to take advantage of intelligent automation that contributes to a more comfortable homeóand a more efficient planet.
Here are just a few ideas:
  • Program your shades and central cooling/heating system to automatically adjust for maximum energy efficiency based on the seasons, time of day or outside temperature
  • Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste
  • Use motion sensors to turn lights off automatically when rooms are unoccupied
  • Program your pool and sprinkler systems to source water only during energy-efficient windows
  • Set your under-floor heating to run efficiently in conjunction with shades and natural heating with times of the day
  • Manage your heat pumps and solar geysers for maximum efficiency
  • Conserve water by setting up personalized schedules, or give landscapers limited remote access to monitor the system and make adjustments.
  • Conserve energy with scheduling of pumps, water features and lighting and controlling automated covers. Also monitor pool health, receive customized alerts and even control the system from your cell phone or tablet.

Climate History screenClimate History

View the history of your heating and cooling of individual rooms, view the percentage of time on and where most power has been consumed. Do the same with electrical consumption and manage your home efficiently.
Irrigation Schedule screenIrrigation Schedule

Choose when and where youíd like to water your garden and lawn, select times and period of the day. Or leave this up to a schedule set by your landscaper, taking into consideration the seasons of the year and best watering times and perhaps one step further with moisture detectors and wind sensors.
Pool Spa Schedule screenPool Spa Schedule

Set the temperature of your pool by selecting either the heater or more efficient solar heating, or just run the pump. From this same interface, select a lighting scene and with one touch you could have your favourite playlist begin.

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