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A connected home means exactly that - you're truly connected, even when you’re not there. Here are just a few examples of how our customers exercise anytime, anywhere control over virtually anything in their home:
  • If the day turned out to be warmer than you thought, just sign in to your system from the Web and turn up the A/C so the house is cool when you get home
  • Getting home a little later than you thought? Use your iPhone interface to turn on the porch lights and a few others in the house so it looks like you're home
  • Heading to the beach house for the weekend? While you’re sitting in traffic, you can turn on the A/C, crank up the hot-tub temperature and check the weather on the IP cameras
  • Disarm the alarm and unlock the door from your mobile phone or tablet for an early arrival
  • Turn on the lights, check the weather and traffic reports, maybe even turn on the morning news.

Do this and more from a touch screen, touch pad, iPod or iPad.

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Link your e-mails and telephone answering service to your system, view missed calls, messages and mail from your touch-screen, iPhone and iPad

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